Low-key at The Crux: A Low Sensory LGBTQIA+ Indoor Bouldering Session

Are you ready to experience the thrill of climbing without the overwhelming sensory input? If so, Low-key at The Crux is the perfect session for you.

What to Expect

Held on the last Saturday of each month from 8 - 10am, these sessions provide a unique opportunity to climb in a calm and soothing atmosphere. With soft background music, gentle lighting, and a tranquil ambiance, you can ease into your day with one hour of private climbing. We also offer comfortable seating, all gender bathroom facilities, and a selection of board games to break up your climbing session.

Supporting a Low Sensory Environment

To ensure everyone can enjoy the session, here are some tips for supporting a low sensory environment for yourself and your peers:

Sensory Self-Awareness

Pay attention to sensory triggers and how they affect you. Identify specific sights, sounds, smells, or textures that may cause discomfort or overstimulation. Avoid raising your voice and unsolicited beta spraying to help maintain a calm atmosphere for everyone.

Use Sensory Aids

Bring sensory aids such as noise-cancelling headphones, sunglasses, or fidget tools to help manage sensory input and maintain comfort. Be considerate of those with sensitivity to textures and brush holds after climbing. Consider wearing socks with your bouldering shoes for an alternative sensory experience.

Take Breaks

Listen to your body and take breaks as needed. Find a quiet and calm space where you can step away from climbing to recharge and relax. Enjoy a complimentary coffee or chai on the house as you take a moment to unwind.

Set Boundaries

Don't hesitate to communicate your needs and boundaries to others. Advocate for yourself by politely declining activities or environments that may be overwhelming. It's important to prioritise your well-being.

Manage Expectations

Be realistic about what you can handle and prioritise self-care. Give yourself permission to leave the event or situation if it becomes too overwhelming. Your comfort and enjoyment are paramount.

Seek Support and Communicate

Get in touch with ClimbingQTs and speak with our staff to share your feedback. We're here to support you and ensure that your experience is as positive as possible.

Join Us at The Crux

Whether you're a seasoned climber or new to the sport, Low-key at The Crux offers a welcoming and inclusive space for the LGBTQIA+ community. Come along from 8 - 10am on the last Saturday of each month and enjoy a climbing session designed with your sensory needs in mind.


For ClimbingQTs members, the day entry fee is just $19. This includes access to the low sensory session and complimentary coffee or chai.

Don't miss out on this unique and supportive climbing experience. We look forward to seeing you at The Crux!

Location: The Crux, Coburg North
Time: 8 - 10am, Last Saturday of each month
Entry Fee: $19 for ClimbingQTs members

Come and enjoy bouldering in a calm, low sensory environment and connect with community.